[200q20v] Virus Alert

Brett Dikeman brettd at speakeasy.net
Mon Apr 30 23:56:02 EDT 2001

"with action delete" means the entire email (including virus) was 
removed by the server before Mailman even saw it.

   Gone, out of existance, buuuubye.  Shuffled off and met its maker. 
Pushin' up the daisies.  It is...an...ex-virus!

(apologies to MP)

At 6:13 PM -0700 4/30/01, Max Conover wrote:
>What if you have a Mac ?
>root at audifans.com wrote:
>  > InterScan has detected a virus TROJ_HYBRIS.D in your mail traffic 
>from  on 04/30/2001 16:54:22 with an action delete.

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