[200q20v] speaker suggestsion, 200q20v sedan

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 4 01:20:19 EDT 2001

OK...time has come to relieve the stock Audi/Bose system of its duties in 
my 91 200q20v sedan.  I'm looking to do this in an efficient manner, 
reusing a few key pieces from years ago...that is, I'm not trying to create 
a killer system to win a competition.  My needs are simple--my morning 
commute is too short to seriously get into the music, and I firmly believe 
the quattro's real music comes from the 20v symphony under the hood at full 
song  :)

First off, replacing stock pieces is not a realistic option--I would need a 
replacement head unit, left front speaker, and left rear speaker, all of 
which are either toast or on their way out (LR speaker pops, has been 
disconnected for months, LF speaker blown long ago, with low SPL, and the 
head unit has the classic volume control/on-off knob failure--adjust the 
volume slightly and it just shuts off).  As any stock replacement would 
likely be rebuilt, I'd just be adding time before I see these problems again.

My plans pt 1 (already decided:  no additional cost here):  I have a 
Blaupunkt Lexington SQR46 "autoradio" dating from my '87 4kcsq (pulled at 
one point to install a Sony 10 disc changer).  This is/was a great deck 
back then ($375 in 1987--when I was young, foolish, and had $ to burn) and 
rates 4x15 watts rms---more than enough for what I want to do.  I plan to 
leave the OEM 6-disc CD changer (RF modulated) in place, and use just the 
rear amplified antenna.

Plans pt 2 (how to spend $)  I need to find replacement speakers for the 
front and rear.

I'm looking for any BTDT by anyone replacing their Bose system in a 200q20v 
Rear Deck:  Per the Crutchfield site, the rear deck Bose takes a 6"x9"--if 
the car did not have the Bose system, a 6.5"
Front Door:  Crutchfield:  looks like a 5", with or without a Bose system.
Dash:  Crutchfield again:  5" if Bose, 4" if non-Bose.
out of curiosity, does anyone know if the '91 200q sedans ever came without 
the Bose system?  I know the avants came that way

A few more questions
*  I know some have simply bypassed the built-in amps in the Bose speakers 
and run with conventional head units--how well did this work?  worth doing 
or pass?
*  the stock rear-deck grill is this 5" or 6" round "port" to the Bose 
enclosure where a 6x9 speaker lives--if you changed this, what/how?  put in 
a 6.5" or gut and reuse the Bose enclosure?
*  in the avant, was the front speaker mounted in the door (where?) or in 
the dash?  both?
*  anyone tried a plate speaker in the rear deck?
*  anyone tried a component speaker system in the rear deck?

Note:  I'm not wedded to Blaupunkt products or Crutchfield as a 
supplier--just easy sources of info, and close-outs on old Blau products 
seem readily available.  (see www.midwest-usa.com)

Many thanks in advance.
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