[200q20v] Looking for opinions on 95.5 S6

Dave Priebe dkpriebe at home.com
Sat Aug 4 22:06:35 EDT 2001

I'm looking for some opinions on the '95.5 S6. I know that some of you 
fellow 200tq owners also have S6es.
The potential candidate has 90k miles, the TAP stage 2 chip (with the 
wastegate spring), Eibach springs, and 17" wheels. Besides that the car is 
stock. It looks like the car has been very well taken care of. All of the 
service has been done at local dealers, and its a 1 owner car. I plan on 
having the car inspected by my mechanic before purchasing. The car would 
primarily be for my wife, that way I can drive drive my '91 wagon again!
So any pro and cons with these cars? I have already checked out the FAQs at 
s-cars.org. I know that the quattro system is different, no manual locking 

Thanks in advance,
Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
'91 200tqa 142k miles

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