[200q20v] speaker suggestsion, 200q20v sedan

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 5 12:32:59 EDT 2001

Here's what I did, a few weeks after I got the car:

Replaced factory head unit w/ Sony ES head unit (the plastic ridges
in the dash make it very difficult to install- I had to grind these down
w/ a Dremel).

Installed 2-way Boston components in the front- 4" midrange in the Bose
speaker enclosure (was the least amount of work, you could probably fit
5.25" if you wanted to work harder) and the tweeters in the dash location.
Not the best setup for imaging and time alignment, but the easiest and most
stealthy. I wish I had those fake speaker grilles in the door for the
it would have made life so much easier.

Installed Boston 6x9s in the back- the speakers were a bit too deep to fit
baskets over, so I left the baskets off. Hopefully, I won't stuff my trunk
full that I damage the speaker terminals.

Rewired all of the speakers using 14 gauge (I think) Monster cable and
copper terminals. Much heavier wiring than the factory stuff.

Monster RCAs from the head unit to the trunk mounted a/d/s amp, which powers
whole setup.

Sony CD changer was already installed, so I used the existing RCA cable for
as well as the existing unilink cable. Less work for me. :-)

The next step is the properly power the antenna amp (which I failed to do so
I don't
get AM at all) and to take out the rear seat so I can properly secure the
amp using
nuts and bolts. Then I will add a 10" sealed enclosure sub for some bass.

It took me about 40 hours to do the whole thing, being very slow and
meticulous about
the install and doing it in 15 deg. F weather, which made things much slower
and a lot
less fun.

One thing I would definitely get before undertaking this is a proper door
panel puller
tool, which will help prevent the plastic rivet holder moldings in the door
panel from

If I were to do it again from scratch, I would use 5.25" a/d/s components in
the front
and a/d/s coaxes in the back, for a bit smoother sound for comparable money-
2 series
a/d/s, not the 3 series, which can be big $$$. The Focals are far too deep
to mount in
the 200q w/o major mods to the door panels and the footwells are far too
narrow to put
speaker pods in.

'91 200q w/o Bose

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