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CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 13:15:41 EDT 2001


I'm currently in the beginning stages of a stereo
install and am trying to keep my costs waaaaaaay down.

I'm curious what you use for crossover frequencies.

here's my plan:  (please don't laugh)

-aiwa indash mp3 player (ugly, already installed) 

-mtx 8" sub (wired but don't know where to mount it) 

-alpine 6x9 (previous owner installed.  currently not
wired) to be used for 'rear fill'... low pass
crossover frequency(?)

-kenwood 40X4 channel amp (PO screwed into shelf over
fuel tank in trunk) to be used for sub and (mid? or
rear fill?)

-infinity 4" coax in dash to be used as
tweets(rightside is installed, po had these in doors)
hi pass crossover frequency(?)

-radioshack 4" mid/woofer(8ohm) in door (door pod
ports will be sealed and pods will be filled with
polyfill.) band pass crossover frequency(?)

--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Linus,
> Here's what I did, a few weeks after I got the car:
> Replaced factory head unit w/ Sony ES head unit (the
> plastic ridges
> in the dash make it very difficult to install- I had
> to grind these down
> w/ a Dremel).
> Installed 2-way Boston components in the front- 4"
> midrange in the Bose
> speaker enclosure (was the least amount of work, you
> could probably fit
> 5.25" if you wanted to work harder) and the tweeters
> in the dash location.
> Not the best setup for imaging and time alignment,
> but the easiest and most
> stealthy. I wish I had those fake speaker grilles in
> the door for the
> tweeters,
> it would have made life so much easier.
> Installed Boston 6x9s in the back- the speakers were
> a bit too deep to fit
> the
> baskets over, so I left the baskets off. Hopefully,
> I won't stuff my trunk
> so
> full that I damage the speaker terminals.
> Rewired all of the speakers using 14 gauge (I think)
> Monster cable and
> gold-plated
> copper terminals. Much heavier wiring than the
> factory stuff.
> Monster RCAs from the head unit to the trunk mounted
> a/d/s amp, which powers
> the
> whole setup.
> Sony CD changer was already installed, so I used the
> existing RCA cable for
> that
> as well as the existing unilink cable. Less work for
> me. :-)
> The next step is the properly power the antenna amp
> (which I failed to do so
> I don't
> get AM at all) and to take out the rear seat so I
> can properly secure the
> amp using
> nuts and bolts. Then I will add a 10" sealed
> enclosure sub for some bass.
> It took me about 40 hours to do the whole thing,
> being very slow and
> meticulous about
> the install and doing it in 15 deg. F weather, which
> made things much slower
> and a lot
> less fun.
> One thing I would definitely get before undertaking
> this is a proper door
> panel puller
> tool, which will help prevent the plastic rivet
> holder moldings in the door
> panel from
> breaking.
> If I were to do it again from scratch, I would use
> 5.25" a/d/s components in
> the front
> and a/d/s coaxes in the back, for a bit smoother
> sound for comparable money-
> 2 series
> a/d/s, not the 3 series, which can be big $$$. The
> Focals are far too deep
> to mount in
> the 200q w/o major mods to the door panels and the
> footwells are far too
> narrow to put
> speaker pods in.
> Taka
> '91 200q w/o Bose
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