[200q20v] RE: Speaker Suggestion

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 6 20:32:37 EDT 2001

Yes, the some '91 200 TQs did come without the Bose setup.  When I replaced
mine I went with Infinity Speakers all the way around (happen to find their
Reference Series on clearance for $29 for the 5.25" and $49 for the
6x9's!!).  The 5.25's ion the door really weren't that much of a problem.
The only thing is that the tweeter protrudes a little bit so I took the
little plastic spacers out from behind the "speaker box" to gain a little
more clearance between the door panel and the tweeter.  Since Bose had that
lovely 3 hole thing going on for the mounting of the front door speakers I
drilled some new holes for the 5.25.s  They don't slide into the nice little
cut out like the boses did but they work well enough and it sounds MUCH
BETTER than the stock setup with just a 15-20 watt per channel deck powering
--Calvin Craig
Parker, CO
'92 S4
'91 200 TQ
'89 200 TQW
'72 Formula Firebird

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