[200q20v] Fuel Pump Replacement

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Mon Aug 6 23:35:16 EDT 2001

I just did this job within the last month.  Discovered that only an
"upgrade" is available from dealers that converts 'stock' to a version that
apparently is the same as on the V8's.  The conversion includes a "pick-up
basket" in which the new fuel pump mounts.  Since these come separately, be
certain to fully install (push) the new fuel pump all the way into the
"basket' until it seats in the bottom.  The basket is about $75 and I got
the pump from a Bosch supplier (Midtex-on suppliers list) for about $225.
Not cheap, but they seemed to have me by the short hairs.  Hope you can get
off cheaper.  Also, before you start, drive enough to get your fuel tank to


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