[200q20v] Fusable link for cooling fan

PeterBergin at aol.com PeterBergin at aol.com
Tue Aug 7 02:18:09 EDT 2001

Hi guys, had a little problem today and could use some feed back.  

Was driving back to my office today, car running great, AC working like a 
champ, (98 degree heat in Minneapolis) than got a blast of hot air from the 
AC vents, heat gauge  up some, came to stop waiting for a train, heat gauge 
climbing slightly, a blast of steam from under the hood,  an occasional puff 
of cold air from vents, shut car off, cooling reservoir down 1/2, apparently 
small amount of coolant had leaked or blown through the reservoir cap, 
currently not leaking, restarted car, drove last couple of blocks to office.

Let car cool down for 2 hours, added two quarts water, restarted turned on 
AC, blew cold air, noticed radiator fan off, shut car off, pulled cover off 
fusible link, noticed wet from coolant leak and smoking, jumped with key ring 
(ignition off) fan started too run, some smoke from the link.

Link looked corroded but not blown.

My assumptions, link bad, AC out on high head pressure.

Now that that said. (WHEW!) I recall some conversation on the list about an 
alternative to the fusible link.  I scanned the archives for June and July 
topics and did not see it.

Any feedback or advice is appreciated, as always.


Pete in Minneapolis
200 avant
Silver with black sports seats
113k miles, chipped, Euros (still in box in garage)
200 S4 17 wheels, bilstines etc.  
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