[200q20v] Fusable link for cooling fan

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Aug 7 10:20:55 EDT 2001

Someone recently described installing one of those pop-apart fuseholder 
things as a temporary replacement for the Audi fusible link.  I think they 
found one with a buss-type fuse that was near the 80-amp rating of the 
fusible link.  Some postings have indicated dealer prices for replacement 
strip of fusible link at less than $2.  Probably can't find a fuseholder 
and fuse that size for much less.

At 01:18 AM 08/07/2001 -0400, PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:

>Hi guys, had a little problem today and could use some feed back.
>Was driving back to my office today, car running great, AC working like a
>champ, (98 degree heat in Minneapolis) than got a blast of hot air from the
>AC vents, heat gauge  up some, came to stop waiting for a train, heat gauge
>climbing slightly, a blast of steam from under the hood,  an occasional puff
>of cold air from vents, shut car off, cooling reservoir down 1/2, apparently
>small amount of coolant had leaked or blown through the reservoir cap,
>currently not leaking, restarted car, drove last couple of blocks to office.
>Let car cool down for 2 hours, added two quarts water, restarted turned on
>AC, blew cold air, noticed radiator fan off, shut car off, pulled cover off
>fusible link, noticed wet from coolant leak and smoking, jumped with key ring
>(ignition off) fan started too run, some smoke from the link.
>Link looked corroded but not blown.
>My assumptions, link bad, AC out on high head pressure.
>Now that that said. (WHEW!) I recall some conversation on the list about an
>alternative to the fusible link.  I scanned the archives for June and July
>topics and did not see it.
>Any feedback or advice is appreciated, as always.
>Pete in Minneapolis
>200 avant
>Silver with black sports seats
>113k miles, chipped, Euros (still in box in garage)
>200 S4 17 wheels, bilstines etc.

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