[200q20v] Is it a Knocking, Clunking, or Intercooler noise!??!?!?!?! HELP!!!!

Levent Cur leventcur at ameritech.net
Tue Aug 7 15:04:50 EDT 2001

Hey All, 
            My car is completely fixed, but now when on wide open
throttle only in a 1st to 2nd gear change, my car makes a weird noise
like a exhaust rattles or a fast clunking noise, but it stops once u are
in 2nd gear. Is it just something rattling around making a clunking
noise, or what can it be? And this noise is only heard at a 1st to 2nd
gear shift. I wonder if it is the engine knockin? But if it was knocking
u’d hear it more than that one time
 also I have an MT Stage 1 upgrade
on it. Any BTDT’s?
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