[200q20v] questions about brake hoses, pads...

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Tue Aug 7 15:08:42 EDT 2001

Phil, I don't have first hand knowledge stopping the 200 and this will be my
first time at WG, but generically speaking: 

I understand this is a fast track with some serious braking zones, but long
enough straights that the brakes cool down.  So I'm curious what Neil
Swanson or someone w/track 200 exp will say.

If you are going to track the car more than 3X a year, then I think buying a
set of track pads is cost effective.  My theory is that on a
cost-per-brake-application, track pads are cheaper than (good) street pads.\

On the rotor question:  I eventually did buy a seperate set of rotors for
the track for the eS2.  Pads wear different patterns on the rotors.
However, your track pads will rapidly machine the rotor surface to their
profile, probably on the way to the track but certainly if you install them
3-400 miles prior.  As for not bedding on an old rotor, I believe it is the
opposite, that it is tougher to bed a new pad on an un-seasoned rotor.
Check out www.bira.org in the breaking in section 

Say hello at WG, I'll be driving the white 911

Brandon Hull

> I'm thinking about using a set of "track" pads (up front) for the 
> Watkins Glen session later this month. I had installed new rotors 
> along with conventional street pads about 3  or 4 t

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