[200q20v] Failed Emissions, take 2

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Wed Aug 8 10:32:53 EDT 2001


Partial response:

>Multifunction Temp Switch: I found Part #034-919-369C at Double Z Motors for
>about $40. Is that the right switch for our cars? Is there a better place 
>to get

Price sounds about right.

>Also, last night my car overheated (see next post, not my summer with this car
>so far).  While cooling the engine down in my driveway (car idling, me 
>radiator with garden hose), I noticed arcing between the wires at the 
>cap.  I am
>wondering if this was because I got them wet, or if this is a sign they 
>need to
>be replaced (no idea how old they are).  Should I just replace them?  Best
>source? Would this also contribute to high HC readings at idle?


200 20vt wires with proper Beru ends from Blau are cheaper than OEM.


High HC means un-burned gas - bad or poor spark will contribute to that.

>Is there anything else I should look at?


may want to check the rad fan fusible link and the Radiator three pin 
switch - does fan stage two work on your car?

Sorry for the truncated response - busy at work right now.


Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20v TQW
Chelmsford, MA USA
peschulz at cisco.com

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