[200q20v] Non-Functional Fan/Afterrun pump

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Wed Aug 8 10:35:58 EDT 2001

Well, my car has selected the hottest days of the summer to let me down.  Isn't
that always the way? 

These last few days it's been hot in the NE (well, the whole country it looks
like), so I have been taking the 200 instead of the bike, for the AC.  My
commute consists of about a ½ from my house to the highway, about 6 miles on the
highway, then about a mile of city streets to work.  Well, over the last few
days, I have noticed that my AC would kick off unless I was moving.  When
sitting in traffic, the AC would blow warm, but as soon as I started moving, it
would blow cold again.  I though maybe I was low on charge, since I have no idea
if the AC has been recharged in the last 10 years.

Well, yesterday after work I had to run to the store.  So I had slightly more
city driving to do.  The CC showed it was 95 out.  Everything was fine until I
pulled into my street.  I had to stop to wait for a car to pull into the
driveway.  That when I noticed the steam.  Yikes!  I pulled around the park, and
made a mad dash the last 1/8 to my house and shut it down.  There was a nice
trail of coolant from where I stopped to my driveway.

It looks like the coolant just blew out of the overflow tank.  I got the garden
hose and sprayed down the radiator with a nice mist for about 10 minutes with
the engine idling to bring the engine temp down.

I noticed that the radiator fan was not going.  Well, there's the problem.  I
checked the fuse. Good.  I also noticed that once I shut the car down, the
afterrun pump was not going either.  Related?

I did not have a chance last night, nor will I have a chance to trouble shoot
until next week (brought the bike in today) but I was hoping folks here would be
able to offer some suggestions.  I'm going to surf on over to Chris Millers and
Scott Mockry's sites to see what they have to say, but thought I would ask here
as well.

Thanks much folks!

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