[200q20v] Re: Fuel Pump Replacement

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Aug 8 22:33:11 EDT 2001

At 9:46 AM +0100 8/7/01, George Sidman wrote:
>I am getting mixed messages regarding needing the special
>tool to R&R the fuel pump. Chris Miller's site explores the
>job and discusses the need for it, but others say no.  Has
>anyone successfully done this job without the tool?  And, is
>there a secret technique? Does anybody have the tool lying


Ed Kellock claims to have changed out the pump on his '91 V8 without 
using the tool. Most others fall into the same category as me (mere 
mortal). The pump tool--in my experience--was necessary. I tried 
damn hard and long to twist off the pump without using a tool but 
couldn't get the thing to budge. It's a one-handed operation, you 
realize. The Zelenda price for the tool is only about $20-$25. I've 
already sold my pump tool to a local Audi garage. Their mechanic 
boasted that he never had needed a tool for any fuel pump job, but 
also admitted that he'd never changed pumps on a '91 200q or a V8. I 
traded them the tool for some parts, and darned if about a month 
later they admitted that the next fuel pump job they did--an Audi V8, 
I think--was "impossible" to do without the tool. YMMV.

BTW, when using the tool (it takes a 1/2" sq. drive) wrench space is 
very limited and getting a 1/2" sq. driver handle into the pump 
tool--with room to turn it--can be tough. I only had a 15-in long 
drive-handle available and it couldn't fit. I seem to recall I 
inserted a small 1/2" adapter and then was able to turn by clamping a 
vise grip onto that. A  shorter 1/2" drive handle (under 10" length?) 
should also work.

Oh, be prepared to do some fiddling with the electrical connectors in 
order to get them to fit onto the threaded studs of the new pump. My 
machinist's metal-reamer proved indispensable--once again.


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