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Stott Hare stott at MOPANG.com
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It was mentioned to me I should forward this along to those of you who might
have UFO brakes and want to get rid of them...  I have a set of 200q front
strut housings and used G60's for sale.  The struts/brakes are in good
condition, and worked fine in the vehicle they were removed from.  I'd like
to sell them as is for $400.  However, I am willing to supply them with new
rotors, pads, and ball joints if you so desire.  If you really want to do
this in a once and done manner, I could also arrange to have new wheel
bearings pressed in (although there is no indication bearings are needed
currently).  Package price to be negotiated if interest is expressed.
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Digging through the garage has yielded another piles of left over parts from
my latest victim:
MC2 turbo motor conversion package: Motor, harness, ECU. Running fine before
car was chopped, 1.4bar indicated. $800   ***Package can be as complete as
you want...
Front struts, hubs(bolt style), with used G60's calipers and carriers.
Useful for converting away from UFO brakes. $400
CV Axle set, ABS, bolt style, used, but with intact boots.  $150
Complete black sport leather interior, fits 100/200, others with slight
wiring mod. Very nice condition. Heaters work. $400
Airbag, clock spring, igniter... still ready to blow. $200
US spec turbo headlights, pair. $100, $140 with grill and plastic trim.
Window regulator package, complete working set of four. $150
BBS Mesh Rims. 15x6", 5x112mm, some silver, some pearl, all suitable for use
as full size spares.  $50 each
Odd upgrade options for the Audi deranged... Have a 5k and want to change
your looks?
200 trunk lid/center reflector with key hole in reflector. $100
Door upgrade?? Replace your old doors and get rid of those accursed 5k door
handles. Set of doors with flush handles, complete, harness cuts possible.
Interior upgrade?? Have a 200 airbag car with a gray interior? Wish it were
black. Set of black interior pieces (dash, center console, A, B pillars etc)
to do a conversion. Drop me a line with your needs.
Have any other parts you're looking for? I've collected many over the years.
Send me an email, and I'll see what I have.
Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
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