[200q20v] Using a GTECH PRO, what am i doin wrong?

Levent Cur leventcur at ameritech.net
Thu Aug 9 23:55:03 EDT 2001

Hey all, 
            I used a GTECH tonite, it is raining, the wipers weren’t on
during the test and rain was hitting the windshield. My 1st run was a
5.95 0-60 and the next 2 runs I think I had crappy starts at 6.2 0-60.
and with those last 2, I ran a 14.6 ¼ mile twice. Now all I have is a
MTM Stage 1 upgrade! Are those numbers way off? Also the test was on a
kinda hilly but not bad road!  See I’m just worried cause I think that
the car isn’t performing how it should, also its real humid here and 79
degrees while its raining, I wonder if the rain heavily effects the
GTECH PRO? Any thoughts or anyone know how fast a MTM Stage 1 kit with a
3 bar pressure transducer, is supposed to be in 0-60 and ¼ miles times?
Thanks Again, 
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