[200q20v] RE: Using a GTECH PRO, what am i doin wrong?

Jörgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at home.se
Fri Aug 10 18:07:36 EDT 2001

The Gtech Pro units sold during the last two years or so has proven to be
quite a bit less acurate then the older units.  Now all of them usually show
to fast times, the error seem to get bigger when the gtech is cold. In other
words, use the heater instead of the AC when you do your tests.

Always use the same stretch of road for tests, make sure that it is flat.

Knowing what kind of car you have would make it simpler to analyze the
numbers, since you probably hit 60 in third gear you will have lost a lot of
time there. On the quarter 14.6 is not any good, add at least two tenths. I
don't think that 5.95 and 14.6 on the quarter does add up very well, with
the older Gtech I ran 6.2 and 14.02 as a best. This was also in the rain,
around 60ºF.

Some time later I learned a better launching technique later and made a few
5.7-5.8s 0-60 times even if the boost was quite a bit lower because of a
warped exhaust manifold, the quarter mile was done in 14.5s then.

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.
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