[200q20v] UFO's

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sat Aug 11 09:43:27 EDT 2001

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> Don't jump to conclusions and blame the UFOs!  Check for other loose /worn
> suspension parts.  Put an indicator on the rotor outer surface and
> check the runout.  10/1 nothing wrong with the rotors.
> Regards,
> Bernie Benz
> Gardnerville, NV

Good runout (+/- .001 inches) does not necessarily mean there is nothing
wrong with the rotors. I have had pulsating brakes with true rotors that was
cured with a mild turning of the braking surface. I still don't know the
exact mechanism of the problem, but it has something to do with an uneven
drag around the rotor surface.

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