[200q20v] UFO's

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sat Aug 11 17:42:29 EDT 2001

I took the rotors off myself. Pad thickness was similar inside to outside. I
didn't measure it, just visual. That's an interesting comment about the
slides. I dissassembled the brakes several times prior to the turning job,
so the slides were disturbed earlier with no possitive change. I didn't pay
aprticular attention to how well they slid, but I have experienced exactly
what you are talking about on my urq. The ufo rotor runout was measured at
.005 inches on the car and .001 inches on the lathe _before_ turning. (They
were turned off the car.) The hubs were not trued. The pulsations certainly
felt like once per revolution. I guess it's still somewhat of a mystery to
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
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> Hi Wolff,
> Try on this possibility:
> Did you actually remove the rotors for turning, or were you observing your
> mechanic do it?  Were the caliper slides free to move and well lubed?  The
> large movement of the caliper required to remove the rotor could have
> redistributed grease more uniformly on the slide shafts and bushings, even
> if they were not opened, inspected and relubed.  If the calipers are not
> free to move you will feel every little disturbance, .001 rotor runout,
> wheel bearing play and cornering deflections.  The tell tail sign of
> restrictive caliper slides is uneven pad wear, inside vs outside.
> Did you inspect pads for this?   Were the pulsations at wheel once around
> frequency?  Was rotor runout measured on the car, before and after
> Bernie

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