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Mon Aug 13 16:49:17 EDT 2001

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> I'm also going to the Glen with my 200q20v.  Not sure if I'll still have
UFOs or G60s or Bira or whatever.
> I think the UFO warping issue is not related to heat etc., but in part
rust and uneven surfaces. Plus transfer of pad material to the rotors.

Peter Henricksen ( former main lister and 200q avant owner from Seattle
area) had a theory that holding the brake pads on the hot rotor for a period
of time, like at a stop light, could cause uneven cooling and rotor warpage.
Both of us started slowly "creeping" after stopping to prevent the uneven
cooling. I have over 100k on this set of UFO rotors and they are still
straight. When they do warp ( and it does happen a couple times a year) I
just do either several 80+ (++ :-) to 20 stops in rapid succession or I will
apply the brakes lightly, enuf to get up to about 1.4 bar boost and hold it
for 2-3 miles and then do a couple rapid stops. Then drive around for 10-15
minutes for the brakes to cool. Seems to straighten them out every time.

mike miller
helmville mt
pearl/black/sport seats

> I suppose if you're overusing your brakes, you could take it easy on the
straights, and work on your line a bit more.  Smooth is fast, right? and
practice makes perfect (well, improvement).
> Chris
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