[200q20v] my A/C condensate runneth over

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Aug 13 20:55:21 EDT 2001

Besides the large drain of the area beneath the rain diverter (the one 
between the evaporator box and the heater core box), there's a small drain 
that runs off the bottom of the evaporator box.  It looks like there's a 
moisture collection system molded into the bottom of the box that goes to a 
T-shaped hose that connects the front/passenger side of the box with the 
bottom of the box and then goes to a drain pipe just toward the passenger 
side of the car from the larger drain you cleaned out.  I'm going from 
looking at an evaporator box I've removed from a 5ktq parts car and from 
looking where the hose was attached on the car itself.  I don't think you 
can see this plumbing unless you've removed the plenum between the evap and 
heater core boxes and specifically looked along the firewall toward the 
passenger fender from the larger drain.  The pipe sticks out about `1 1/4 
inches and the rubber hose is connected with one of those clamps Audi likes 
to use that have to be destroyed to be removed.  I've not looked where the 
pipe exits beneath the car.  If your evap box had a bunch of pine needles 
and leaves in it when you cleaned that area, there could be some junk 
plugging the box drains.  That would mean that if, because it was so humid, 
your A/C was producing an inordinate amount of water, you might have had 
water running out the recirculation door.

At 05:19 PM 08/12/2001 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:

>Suddenly, last week, whilst comfortably "tooling and cooling" along in my 
>'91 200q--during some very hot/humid weather--my A/C condenser began to 
>deliver a nice cool shower of condensate onto the toes of driver and/or 
>passenger (depending on direction of lateral G-forces). No, it's not 
>I checked the plenum drain and it was cleaner than a whistle (as I knew it 
>would be after the housecleaning I did while replacing blower fan last 
>year.) So could my problem possibly be that the base of the blower box is 
>not well sealed? I did not replace the OE gasket after installing the fan; 
>I just re-attached and tightened its retaining band. Is A/C condensate 
>likely to flow past the base of that assembly?
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