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If you're looking for a flared 5-spoke, I suggest the
Oettinger RE. I will have photos shortly, maybe the end of
this week- just bug me about it.

The other option would be something a little more hard-edged,
like the Azev Type A. I'd have photos of those as well, but
don't know when the wheels will be in, nor will I have tires
mounted just yet.

I really like my Avus as well- I can send you a photo, or search
the Audifans Registry at www.audifans.com and look under my name.

The Avus have been temporarily retired because two of the tires
are flawed and need replacement, so I'm running on Oettinger RE
17x8 w/ 225/45R17 Yokohama AVS Sport.

I've become a wheel junkie as of late- S4 Avus, Oettinger RE,
Azev Type A, A6 2.7T 6-spoke and OEM BBS RG are either mounted or
sitting in Dad's basement.

Taka Mizutani
'91 200q

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I recently picked up a 91 pearl white 200tq in immaculate condition.  I have
swithed over the front suspension to that of a 90 200 and am very curious as
to what size rims I can sport.  Any suggestions prefferably something smooth
in a flared five star design 17inch?

Bobdog     alice at valinet.com

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