[200q20v] rad fan fusible link

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Aug 14 10:22:33 EDT 2001

OK, as suggested, my overheating issue was the radiator fusible link.  While it
"looked" ok, when I removed it, it was in 2 distinct parts.

Not having a "proper" replacement on hand, I went to the FLAPS, and picked up a
generic "GM Fusible link" for like $1.99.  I cut it to size (even had enough to
make a spare) and inserted it in place.  Fan works like a champ now.

The spare:

Installed (sorry out of focus, took it this am at 6:30 on my way to work,

Now a question, think this is good enough, or should I go ahead and get the
"proper" Audi one?  Also, should I be concerned the link blew in the first
place?  Or should I just write it off at being 10 years old?

On a side note: While under the hood, I checked out the Mutli function temp
switch, that I thought was bad, since my coolant gauge stopped working.  I was
in the process of carefully cutting off the rubber boot as Scot Mockry's site
recommended when I noticed 3 out of the 4 wires were completely corroded away. 
Well there is the problem.

Now I need to order a new plug and 4 new spade connectors, as the ones used
there don't look like the generic type. I also need to figure out the pin out,
so if anyone has that handy, I would appriciate it (Haven't looked in Bentley
yet, so if it's there, you can just tell me to RTFM.  :)  )

ObEmmisions:  Also changed the oil, installed a new paper air filter, new O2
sensor (generic 3 wire).  Still waiting on the new wires and plugs from Blau.

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