[200q20v] rad fan fusible link

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Tue Aug 14 08:39:39 EDT 2001

Just bolt a spare on one side of the fuse assy hanging down (so it's not
actually in use) and that way ten years from now when the fuse cracks some
lucky audi nut will be able to fix it right on the spot. I think it's
thermal cycling from the load of the fan causing expansion and contraction
that fatigues the metal of the fuse. A "blown" fuse looks quite different.
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

> Now a question, think this is good enough, or should I go ahead and get
> "proper" Audi one?  Also, should I be concerned the link blew in the first
> place?  Or should I just write it off at being 10 years old?

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