[200q20v] It's an automotive conspiracy!

HAUPT,DAVID (A-Sonoma,ex1) david_haupt at agilent.com
Tue Aug 14 13:04:43 EDT 2001

The cars conspired against me.  I wanted to attend a meeting in the South
Bay last night (three hours each way).  It was the first time since I moved
here two years ago that my schedule would permit this monthly meeting.  I
got up early so I could get to work early so I could leave work early, so I
could...you get the idea.  However, by the time I got to work, my daily
driver Mazda was enveloped in steam.  Whoops.  1/4" tear in a heater hose.
I suppose I deserved that; it's in a location where lots of oil leaks on it,
and it's original from 1985 and 150k miles.  OK, I definitely deserved that

So I left work one hour earlier than planned, equipped with several gallons
of spare water.  Via "bolt and coast" driving, I drove the eight miles home
and barely started warming the engine up, so I lost very little coolant.

I transferred the maps to the location, my brownbag dinner and my posterior
to the 1989 200TQ and prepared to enjoy a nice trip down to Palo Alto, and
with plenty of time to spare.  But it was not to be.  Five blocks from home,
the silly little monitor whistle made noise and the dashboard graphic showed
the 'thermometer in fluid' symbol.  I assumed that meant coolant, not oil.
I was idling at a traffic light when it went off.  I noted both temp gauges
were in an acceptable range, so I waited for the green light, and proceeded
to the nearest parking lot.  I noted green fluid running down the gutter as
I left the stoplight.  Not a good sign.  I popped open the hood, and the
upper radiator hose with plastic fitting had broken from the radiator.
Awright, now I did NOT deserve this.  I've had radiators clog, but never
break.  As someone else said, I hate the guy at Audi who signed off on the
paperwork that permitted plastic to be used where plastic shouldn't ought to

Based on a previous posting, I called San Leandro Radiator and ordered a
Modine.  They tried to talk me into using an OEM radiator, on the grounds
that they've had fit problems with Modines in Audis.  But I'm in one of
those "Audi isn't getting any more of my hard-earned cash unless I am forced
to buy an OEM part" moods.  Plus, the OEM part cost $20 more (the Modine was
$159).  I'm aware that on the 200Q 20V, you have to add a fitting because of
an auxilliary cooling arrangement, but is this true on my 1989 200TQ?  Any
BTDT on the 1989 200TQ sedan and a Modine radiator?

Also, I remember someone once saying that one should not use green fluid in
the cooling system.  This one was full of it.  What's the right stuff?


1985 RX-7, 150k, needing new cooling system hoses and front brakes
1989 200TQ sedan, 144k, needing new radiator, power steering pump and four
pages of other stuff
Santa Rosa, CA

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