[200q20v] changing oil to synth

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Aug 18 11:21:48 EDT 2001

At 8:52 AM -0400 8/18/01, jay noyes wrote:
>  I recently purchsed a fine example of the infamous 200q20v. I 
>contacted the previous owner and he told me he had run synthetic oil 
>for the last 10 years. I have done two oil changes since the purhase 
>with regular oil. Would there be any problem switching back? HE also 
>mentioned that it is very important to use 4.5 quarts per oil 
>change. And to use only specified oilfilter in manual.He also sent 
>me lots of neat stuff that came with the car at time of purchase. 
>ie. audi video, fog light covers, all paper work, window sticker and 

Welcome. Sounds like you got good info and advice from the PO. As for 
oil, I'd expect you'd not have any problems reverting to synth. The 
only potential difficulties are said to be at times when high-mileage 
engines are "converted" to synth after a lifetime on regular oil. The 
quantity (4.5 q) is about right, but I go by dipstick rather than a 
set volume; however it certainly is more than 4 quarts--with filter 
change--but less than 5. Take care to _not_ overfill. Avoid cheap, 
crappy filters like Fram, etc. The recommended Mann or Maele (German) 
filters cost little and  are worth the effort to find (e.g., The 
Parts Connection sells Mann filters for $2-$3/ea. 

Since you were lucky enough to get a full history you should know (or 
find out) when the last timing belt replacement was done--don't 
forget that the recommended and *prudent* interval is every 60K 
miles. The 3B is an "interference" engine, and the momentary meeting 
of valves and pistons after a timing belt failure will set you back 
far, far more $$$$$$ in repairs than the cost of a timing belt 

What's the mileage??? What color??? Where are you located??? I 
certainly hope it wasn't listening when you called it "infamous"! :-)

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