[200q20v] Weird Turbo/Intercooler/Engine Noise's all of the sudden! HELP!!!

Levent Cur leventcur at ameritech.net
Sun Aug 19 02:51:59 EDT 2001

Hey All, 
Thanks for all you help with all my previous posts, but now I do have a
question about boost noise coming from the intercooler opening! When on
WOT (Wide Open Throttle), with the windows down only in second and third
gears is this really noticeable, the car not only makes the normal turbo
spooling noise but I can hear a slight sucking noise coming from the
left front part of the car. I know for a fact the new intercooler hose
clamps are tight, and not anywhere near loose. Is the sucking noise
normal only under WOT? Cause that's the only time I hear it not even
under partial throttle! Any help would be appreciated. By the way this
is about a 1995 S6 with a silicon hose in place of the stock one. Any
Levent Cur
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