[200q20v] Help! Radiator installation

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 19:52:00 EDT 2001

Yikes!!! I hate it when I do this.  I tried to follow
the Bentley, asked several people's advice, and I
still didn't get it right.

The radiator in my 1989 200 Quattro croaked - failed
plastic resulted in a complete draining of the cooling
system while idling at a stoplight.

On the advice of several listers, I ordered a Modine
radiator, on the grounds that it would be all metal.

It arrived, and is built just like the OEM radiator. 
Metal core, plastic endcaps.  Oh well, at least it was
cheaper than the OEM one would have been.

But, now I've got the OEM radiator out.  It seems to
have a rubber shock mount at the bottom.  I soaked it
with liquid wrench (it's not rusty...) and still can't
get it off.  Is this thing an integral part of the OEM
radiator?  If so, where do I get a new mount to attach
to the new radiator?  The new Modine clearly has a
threaded hole for this mount to affix to - that's why
I thought it probably was intended to move from the
old radiator to the new one.  Oh, yes, plus the fact
that in a dozen enquiries nobody mentioned this little
mount problem to me.

If I have to get a new one, is this a dealer-only
item, or is there a slim chance that a local radiator
shop might stock one?

Thanks to the lists.  They've saved my posterior more
than once.

Santa Rosa
1989 200 Quattro Sedan, 144k miles and a laundry list
of "gotta get to it" repairs
1988 Trek 8500 aluminum, getting a lot of use now that
the Audi is my primary vehicle

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