[200q20v] '89 100 BTDT wanted...

Craig Angus crangus at rof.net
Sun Aug 19 22:33:09 EDT 2001


I've noticed that a lot of listers own 2 or 3 Audis.  I was driving my
'91 today when I got a bad leak out of the newly replaced pump.  I'll
deal with that tomorrow--I'm worried its the rack or another hose (only
replaced 3 hoses) leaking now that the pump is up to snuff... (20v content 

Anyway, I drove by a little '89 100 that looks like a miniature, flat-sided
version of our cars.  Talked to the guy for a while and he said he'd sell
it for $1000 as he just bought a J**p.  80k miles, auto trans, AC is down,
needs alignment and general going through but appears rust free and fairly
well maintained.  Anybody every gotten one of these for their kids?? My
15 year old was drooling over it and I like the idea of only 130hp although
I would have bought it if it were a quattro.  Any tales of woe, warning or
good experiences would be most appreciated.  That little auto trans makes
me kind of nervous.  Seems wimpy small.  No wonder they only came in the
10V models.  I bet they were trouble even with the 162 hp turbos...

Thanks for any info in advance,
Craig in Colorado

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