[200q20v] UFO pads FS

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Mon Aug 20 20:07:26 EDT 2001

Need pads

I know the idea of used pads is kind of weird and may be unappealing but
I've got 2 sets of UFO pads for sale.

Carbotech, a company I've been recomending for a while for UFO owners has
made these pads for me.  My wifes A4A will soon have Carbotech F pads. So
for sale is............

One set of Carbotech type "F" (sometimes refered to as the brown pads)
street pads.  Dead quiet, very clean running pads.  9-10mm of pad left with
12mm being new thickness.  I've even used these at Lime Rock during a rain
event and they were great. Like a Mintex red box but I think even better.  
$40 for set

One set of Carbtech lined Hawk "Blue" race pads.  Don't even think of
running these on the street.  Death to rotors on the street.  On the track
they stop really well and at track temps they barely dust, are quiet and
are easy on rotors.  But only on the track.  These are the best track pads
I've tried with UFOs.  4 events and several more are left on the pads.
    $40 set

Each set of pads were $125 new.  Neither have wear sensors.

I'll be at Watkins Glen next week with the club and can bring'em along if
anyones interested


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