[200q20v] 20v turbo in '88 90

Aaron Rieke aaron_s_r at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 21 13:34:39 EDT 2001

Hello all, this is my first time so just let me know if I do anything wrong.

I own an '88 90 NQ 5cyl.  I was trying to decide whether to swap a 10vT or a 
20vT into my car.  I have figured out that the 10v will drop in with very 
little difficulty.  The only downfall being CIS.  This is the limiting 
factor on HP, correct?  I was wondering how difficult it would be to put a 
20vT into the car.  I know they came with a 20v NA on some models, but, I 
heard that some of the components on the engine were different?  If you 
could help me with this or tell me where I could find more info, I would 
greatly appreciate it.


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