[200q20v] Value of 3B motor and transaxle?

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Wed Aug 22 00:31:05 EDT 2001

I paid 3k for a 3B 76.000 Km = 50k Miles with
ECU, wires and sensors, all tranny including rear diff
and axles.
But standard kkk24 and exhaust-M and exhaust pipes to the cats.
But a new turbo and EM may cost close to 3k so maybe?
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  I recently totalled my '91 200 20v and have a couple of buyers for the motor and tranny. The motor was in excellent condition, with 86,000 miles. Compression was excellent. RS2 turbo and Manifold. What kind of price should I ask for the set up? I have seen these units go for as much as $6,000. Any one interested in making an S2?

  Paul Friedenberg
  ex 200 20v owner, soon to be S4tt driver!

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