[200q20v] 20v turbo in '88 90

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A 4wd Golf is a different animal than a quattro since the front half shafts
are of unequal length. In a front wheel drive Golf or sideways motored
passat you can really feel it pulling sideways even if you start out with
your wheels pointed straight ahead. This is annoying to me. In a front wheel
drive Audi (excluding a TT which I haven't driven but has the motor in the
wrong way) it will go straight under accelleration if the wheels are pointed
straight. Of course as soon as the steering wheel is turned under
accelleration it becomes obvious that its front wheel drive.
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
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> Oh yeah, Derrek, you are right. Saw a video of a Dahlback equipped Golf
>   The thing was all over the place off the line.
> aaron
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