[200q20v] wheel help please

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 22 13:01:38 EDT 2001

Nope- tie rod ends are not an issue w/ the UFO struts. I've been running
17x7.5 ET45 S4 Avus with lots of clearance.

The biggest problem you face with the UFOs is not having enough backspacing
in order to clear the big UFO rotor cover.

A6 2.7T wheels will fit w/o problems. Don't know about the A4 wheels, as
do not clear S4 HP2 calipers- which is the guide I go by, not necessarily
but always clear the UFOs if they clear the HP2s.

'91 200q
17x7.5" S4tt Avus
17x8" Oettinger Type RE
17x8" Azev Type A (not just yet)
16x7" A6 2.7T sport pkg.
15x7.5" OEM BBS RG

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