[200q20v] Value of 3B motor and transaxle?

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Aug 22 17:54:35 EDT 2001

At 9:42 AM -0600 8/21/01, Paul Friedenberg wrote:
>I recently totalled my '91 200 20v and have a couple of buyers for 
>the motor and tranny. The motor was in excellent condition, with 
>86,000 miles. Compression was excellent. RS2 turbo and Manifold. 
>What kind of price should I ask for the set up? I have seen these 
>units go for as much as $6,000. Any one interested in making an S2?

Sorry to hear of your loss. About 3 yrs ago, the engine/ecu was 
considered to be worth $3-4k in good condition. I doubt if the price 
has dropped a lot since then. Your manifold/turbo extra of course. At 
that same time, used trannies could be had for around $1.5K. The 
recent availability of some new trannies from Germany may have 
affected the value of used ones somewhat. I'd think $6K for 
everything (incl. tranny) sounds pretty reasonable--if you're 
inclined to be reasonable. :-).

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