[200q20v] Fw: [VAG-COM] 3B Engine - Maximum Boost Pressure Exceeded

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Wed Aug 22 18:33:51 EDT 2001

Can you guys help out the guy below? I bet you can....

BTW, I got the Ross-Tech software and cable for my A8, you wouldn't believe
how you can troubleshoot the car, don't need to get past your PC. Fixed my
CC system by using the software and seeing what motor was bad....too cool.

The A8 is still absolutely awesome! Removed the badges (too cool), got the
windows tinted (light) and gonna get some xeons (www.hids4less.com).

Not on the list, hope all is well!

Paul Waterloo
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> Just pulled a DTC from a friend's ailing S2 with the 3B engine. This
> should be very similar to the 1B motor in an Audi 200TQ or maybe a
> 20VUr (RR).
> Symptoms are safety cutout kicking in at 4000rpm after an attempt at
> full boost. Here's the lowdown from VAG-COM. If anyone can offer
> advice prior to a visit to a local specialist, it would be awesome :)
> 1991 Audi S2, 3B engine (20V Turbo)
> VAG Number: 895 907 404
> Component: MOTOR PMC1
> DTC: 00544 - Maximum Boost Pressure Exceeded, 06-10-Signal to
> High-Intermittent
> My suspicions are pressure sensor/ECU, loose connectors or wastegate.
> Measuring blocks only pulls Group-0 so if someone can tell me what the
> Bentleys say for a 1B engine about Group-0 it would be a BIG help. I
> know that's a bit cheeky but Bentley manuals are extremely hard to get
> in the UK, and there isn't an exact Bentley manual for the S2.
> Cheers,
> Paul
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