[200q20v] shifter messed up, no 1st, 3rd, & 5th!

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Aug 23 22:56:24 EDT 2001

I've had somewhat of a notchy shifter (getting into 2nd particularly)
since I got my 200q20v awhile ago, but today the shifter got so screwed
up that I can't even select any of the topmost gears, leaving me only
with 2nd, 4th & R, and 2nd is extremely difficult to engage properly.  At
least I got it home.  Anyway, right now the shifter just has a ton of play
between where the topmost gears are and the bottom (you also have to
really pull it back to get to 2nd and R, but not 4th as much) and it
feels like it would need an extra inch or two of forward play in order to
be able to select those top gears (when you move the shifter, it barely
gets in the "tunnel" for those forward gears, not enough room to allow you
to engage them).
The clutch / gearbox is fine.  I just hope the notches on the tranny
aren't messed up for the gear selection, but I doubt that is the problem.
Anyone BTDT on a shifter rebuild, or know the parts, etc. to check out /

'91 200q20v - grounded

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