[200q20v] Whooshing noise- need help

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 23 23:07:16 EDT 2001

My car developed a "whooshing" sound that sounds an awful lot like
a big, relatively quiet vacuum cleaner and correspondingly, I can't
develop much boost.

Inspection of the ECU line shows that the line is still solidly connected.

I found quite a bit of oil underneath the throttle body hose (Michelin Man

I guess I'll see tomorrow with daylight whether the hose is torn.

What kind of boost would I see with a torn Michelin Man hose?

Does this sound like I'm on track? I also inspected the bypass valve hoses
which appear to be fine.

Looks like I'll find out how much these hoses are from the dealership
and if it's astronomical, I'll get the Samco hoses from Euro-Car, if they
in stock.

'91 200q

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