[200q20v] RE: New title: Strut vs. Tower Braces for the 44 chassis

tommy.arnberg at nokia.com tommy.arnberg at nokia.com
Sun Aug 26 10:25:25 EDT 2001

Hi  All,

It was difficult to find words how to describe 
the part and construction ideas in 
my referenced www-link-picture. 

The idea/definition was described first in German then I tried to 
translate it into Finnish and then into English.  

... also in other conversions some bits are lost...

Thanks for the corrections

> Bernie wrote :
> This thread was started by my disclosure to the list of Benz Brace, a
> true strut brace   rather than    a strut tower brace.  
> The disclosure and selected discussions are now documented 
> on Chris Miller's site.  Further, a
> list member has group fabricated to order the required special nuts.

I hope there are pictures at the www pages, that clarify the subjet between 
true strut brace   and a strut tower brace. 

> IMO, a tower brace is inferior to a strut brace for my previously
> technical reasons.  Further, the referenced tower brace has several design
> flaws.  

According to a rumour the bracket used in picture is direct Audi S6+ -97
Factory parts represent sometimes some compromises. Having a compromise 
might be better than having nothing.  

The Brake fluid reservoir can be changed 
to a newer one and then the PIPE/TUBE/DOMSTREBE/?
can be built straight, said my mechanic.  I hope it really is so. 
Then I would like to mount the "idling correction bosch sensor"
 into its original place, if possible (see the link picture).

>First, the brace is not located on the strut to strut center line,
>but several inches ahead of this ideal location.  Second, the mounting
>brackets are not centered on the tube axis, a poor column design.  Third,
>the mounting brackets are bolted to the tower sheet metal, why bother?

>Tommy, better brakes have absolutely nothing to do with the reasons for
>considering a strut brace.

Better brakes tend to change driving  and cornering  habits and the more
car front in different driving situations  
is nice to have ....
   <=> brakes have some effect ? ...   

Thanks for the comments for making me think more about the idea  :-)


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