[200q20v] Low boost (1.7) and Hesitation under load (4000 rpm+)

ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com
Sun Aug 26 16:46:31 EDT 2001

Hi List,

I have a couple of problems with my Wagon and I would appreciate a few 

I think I have two separate problems, but maybe they are related.
The Wagon in question has 203000 miles on the motor. five months ago (10000 
miles) I replaced the O2 sensor.

Problem number one: I recently replaced the Turbo Bypass Valve. I did not 
notice a boost drop right away, but after a few weeks I realized that I was 
no longer able to get the 1.9 & 1.8 bar now the maximum boost is 1.7 bar and 
it is as though that is getting harder and harder to get.

Problem number two: I am also experiencing some hesitation under load while 
accelerating. There just is not as much happening under the hood as there 
should be. Acceleration above 4000 rpm is half of what it should be.
I think my gas mileage has drooped, but cannot verify it. 85mph 18-18.5 mpg?

Thinking that I could have put some really bad fuel in there I replaced the 
fuel filters, and that ofcource did nothing. 
Someone suggested new spark plug wires, the current ones have about 85000 
miles on them, but my wrench says they look good.
Everything looks and sounds in really good, both idling and at full throttle.

So what do you think do I need: 
New wires? 
New O2 sensor? 
New Cats?
New hoses to the turbo?
New TBV? 
Should I go to a dealer and have them put it on their scanner? 
or should I ask Santa for a new S6?.....

I really appreciate all the help or suggestions you can come with. 

Shawn Olsen
Clarkston Michigan
'91 200q20vAvant
'96 A4 2.8Q

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