[200q20v] Misfire at 4800RPM???

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Mon Aug 27 19:08:45 EDT 2001

Check the gear on the distributer. It might be missing a tooth or may be
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Subject: [200q20v] Misfire at 4800RPM???

> I have a friend that also has a 91 200 20vt, but his starts missing at
> 4800rpm.
> He's changed the plugs, cap. timing has been checked, and had the throttle
> sensor replaced.
> To note, it will misfire from just throttle depression (no boost, just
> sitting in the driveway).
> He says the car runs fine otherwise, gets full boost, just misses above
> 4800?
> Any clues would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> JP Chaplen

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