[200q20v] Low boost (1.7) and Hesitation under load (4000 rpm+)

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Aug 27 22:32:57 EDT 2001

Have you reviewed the information on Scott Mockry's 
website?  http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/index.html  check the 
troubleshooting link and review the "abc's of running high boost".

At 09:21 PM 08/27/2001 -0400, Noelle Beaudin wrote:

>>Kneale wrote:
>>1.7 is stock.  I assumed with his posting that he had a chip/mod. 
>>Otherwise he's been running overboost.
>I've got a chipped 2ctq20v avant with the exact same problems as described 
>by Shawn.  I personally have never even seen the car reach 1.7 or 
>above.  The upgrade is an IA Stage 3 that was done in 1998. When I talked 
>to Ned from IA he suggested that the hose that runs behind the heat shield 
>by the wastegate could have burned through and that I replace it.  Of 
>course, not that I've done this yet to see if it makes any 
>difference.  However, I did notice that there is a new O2 sensor that was 
>patched in (I just bought this car 6 weeks ago)...so - as with Shawn's 
>example I am now wondering if this could be the problem, or part of the 
>problem as well.  Any help for both Shawn and now me would be great.
>'86 5ktq
>'91 2ctq20v

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