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David Priebe dkpriebe at home.com
Tue Aug 28 09:49:31 EDT 2001

About 3 weeks ago I did this repair on my rear drivers side window. I did it
just as the Bentley instructed. I ordered the swivel pins from my local Audi
dealer which took 3 days to come in. I think that for both it was about
$2.00. The pins do not come with bolts, so make sure that you order some
that will fit properly or get the parts guy to find some for you that will
fit. Overall for me it turned out to be a good solid inexpensive fix. The
only downside I've come across is that the swivel pins rattle very slightly,
but not enough in my opinion to justify the purchase price of a new

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
'91 200TQA 143k

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>Hi all,
>My rear window UP function stopped working last week.
>Took it apart and discovered that the cast pivot bracket was broke at a
>point where it use to surround a sleeve crimped to the cable.
>Pulled out the Bentley and found that there is a repair procedure for just
>such a failure. (imagine that, they knew it would fail).
>It calls for two modified "swivel pins" to be attached to the cable just
>above and below the bracket & sleeve.
>Fortunately the cable is not broke.
>The local Audi dealer does not have pins in stock.
>Before I pre-pay and wait days for the pins, I wanted to ask if anyone has
>used anything else?
>Les Reid, Tulsa OK
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