[200q20v] stumbling when I left

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Aug 31 13:11:15 EDT 2001

At 8:08 AM -0700 8/31/01, agaidos at got.net wrote:
>  I drove my wife's 200q20vt to work today and I notice it stumbles and is a
>little jerky when I lift the throttle. The heavier I'm on the gas the more it
>seems to jerk around when I lift. I noted some of the indicater lights flash
>briefly as well, as if the motor might be dying and then compression starting.
>This happened twice today.
>  Unrealated to this my wife is considering selling this car. She wants $9k but
>I'm telling her $7.5K is more reasonable.

Sounds to me like it _could_ be a defective TBV (bypass valve) or a 
rupture in the small diameter, rubber vac hose connected to it. Both 
of these are relatively inexpensive (TBV is approx. $40) and easy 
fixes. Both (valve and tubing) are likely to need replacement on most 
cars with over 80 kmiles.


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