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agaidos at got.net agaidos at got.net
Fri Aug 31 10:46:51 EDT 2001

Hello. Her car has about 110k miles on it. It has the stock ufo brakes. It has 
good life left on Yokohama AVS/stock BBS rims. The timing belt was done right 
after we bought it around 85K miles. At that time we had the coolant pump and 
front seals done too. We just (two months ago)had the front wheel bearings 
replaced, rear calipers replaced + parking brake cables and adjuster replaced. 
We also just had the rear tie rods replaced. At the time it was recommended we 
replace the control arm bushings and the rear struts are leaking. Other things 
of note. The seat memory recently stopped working and the climate controls do 
not seem to work properly. I've been told it might be something as simple as 
dirty switches. I hate driving it because I absolutely love the power it has 
which makes me want to keep it.
 It has the navy sport interior. Two reasons for considering the sale. 1) This 
car needs more attention then I want to give it. I'd rather spend money on 
my '85 urq and 2) I want to use the sale money to pay off some bills.
 Let me know if you have any other questions,

Quoting Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at home.com>:

> Unrealated to this my wife is considering selling this car. She
> wants $9k but
> I'm telling her $7.5K is more reasonable.
> Thanks
> Anton
> http://gaidos.got.net/Carol's/audi_pics/index.htm
> Anton,
> Stumbing - -
> When's the last time you replaced the O2 Sensor?  If not check it
> out . .
> Potential Sale - -
> Mileage?
> Brakes?  UFOs or conventional?  Pads, Rotors
> Tires?
> Work Done?   timing belt?  Bomb?
> Sports seats or regular?
> Any other info?
> Greg J

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