[200q20v] Watkins Glen QCUSA Nationals

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Aug 31 16:32:07 EDT 2001

I can't believe no one else is going to do a write up of this great event!
More listers than I've ever seen in fact so numerous that I won't try and
name.  But great to see you all.  Some highlights:

Dean T was there with the killer eS2, but just in case you weren't already
envious of his quattro stable, brought his newly purchased factory RR urq.
Highest drool honors, however, go to a British guy named Colin who showed up
with a sport Q, with I believe 34K km on the odo.  He drove it up from VA
bless his heart.  He was in my run group but I never saw him, wonder why.  

Derek Bell showed up and gave a long but fascinating stream-of-consciousness
walk through his great career at the banquet.  

After my number was picked for a set of Ronals at Mid OH, which I missed out
on by not going to the banquet, I had high hopes for the drawing but alas,
goose eggs.  The etched wine glasses from Pirelli were a nice consolation

Lot's of 20v cars although skewed by the Royal household's high per-capita
q-count.  Plenty of '91 200's too.  Fewer S cars than at MO.  Tom Saltino
ignominiously showed up with a space saver rear after some bad luck early in
the trip.  And who drives the flat black 5K?  A terror on the track; you
won't see one of those at a PCA event...

I hadn't been to "the Glen" previously and it truly is a fabulous track.
Lot's of armco but also very wide, with a paint-by-number sequence of
concrete patches which make the line pretty obvious.  My poor 911 is way
down on power so while I was quick in the corners, I was lethergy
personified on the straights.  And in the uphill "sole of the boot" I was
passed by some kid on a Go Ped on the other side of the fence.  I got
pointed by a few times but there was no use in passing, even an NA 2.8 A6
was 1/4 mile ahead by the end of the back straight.  Something is wrong and
after a ride in a nearly identical but much less worn out sister car, I'm
convinced it's not the driver.

It was a great 2 days, rain threatened but ultimately only cost one run
group.  There were very few offs and zero sheet metal damage that I'm aware
of.  WG has very professional corner workers and is a great facility.  I'm
already angling for ways to get back up there.

Brandon H


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