[200q20v] Watkins Glen QCUSA Nationals

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Fri Aug 31 13:56:21 EDT 2001

You forgot to mention that Derek was giving rides in the brand new 2002 A4
V6 that they drove up there. Sweeeet!

I was able to snag the third ride before I had to leave to catch a plane.
The only way to describe it is Smooth and precise, which equaled fast. I was
only sorry that it had to come to an end.

Who won the Concourse?

Pete Kunzler
91 200 20v
Snohomish WA

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> I can't believe no one else is going to do a write up of this great event!
> More listers than I've ever seen in fact so numerous that I won't try and
> name.  But great to see you all.  Some highlights:
> Dean T was there with the killer eS2, but just in case you weren't already
> envious of his quattro stable, brought his newly purchased factory RR urq.
> Highest drool honors, however, go to a British guy named Colin who showed
> with a sport Q, with I believe 34K km on the odo.  He drove it up from VA
> bless his heart.  He was in my run group but I never saw him, wonder why.
> Derek Bell showed up and gave a long but fascinating
> walk through his great career at the banquet.
> After my number was picked for a set of Ronals at Mid OH, which I missed
> on by not going to the banquet, I had high hopes for the drawing but alas,
> goose eggs.  The etched wine glasses from Pirelli were a nice consolation
> prize.
> Lot's of 20v cars although skewed by the Royal household's high per-capita
> q-count.  Plenty of '91 200's too.  Fewer S cars than at MO.  Tom Saltino
> ignominiously showed up with a space saver rear after some bad luck early
> the trip.  And who drives the flat black 5K?  A terror on the track; you
> won't see one of those at a PCA event...
> I hadn't been to "the Glen" previously and it truly is a fabulous track.
> Lot's of armco but also very wide, with a paint-by-number sequence of
> concrete patches which make the line pretty obvious.  My poor 911 is way
> down on power so while I was quick in the corners, I was lethergy
> personified on the straights.  And in the uphill "sole of the boot" I was
> passed by some kid on a Go Ped on the other side of the fence.  I got
> pointed by a few times but there was no use in passing, even an NA 2.8 A6
> was 1/4 mile ahead by the end of the back straight.  Something is wrong
> after a ride in a nearly identical but much less worn out sister car, I'm
> convinced it's not the driver.
> It was a great 2 days, rain threatened but ultimately only cost one run
> group.  There were very few offs and zero sheet metal damage that I'm
> of.  WG has very professional corner workers and is a great facility.  I'm
> already angling for ways to get back up there.
> Brandon H
> e//S2
> 911SC
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