[200q20v] Watkins Glen QCUSA Nationals

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Fri Aug 31 17:23:43 EDT 2001

In a message dated Fri, 31 Aug 2001  4:10:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Pete Kunzler" <pck at gte.net> writes:

> Brandon,
> You forgot to mention that Derek was giving rides in the brand new 2002 A4
> V6 that they drove up there. Sweeeet!
> I was able to snag the third ride before I had to leave to catch a plane.
> The only way to describe it is Smooth and precise, which equaled fast. I was
> only sorry that it had to come to an end.
> Who won the Concourse?
> Pete Kunzler
> 91 200 20v
> Snohomish WA

Who else??? Nice sweatshirt. 
oh, wait, you mean overall.
Dunno, must have been fixed.
Great event.  Only a couple 3B cars there... mine, Phil Rose's, Neil Swanson's, ?........
(then there was the 20v urq, which is an RR)
probably 6 urS4/6s
new S4s were everywhere, too.
I let Paul Royal drive my 20vt sedan just after it rained; somehow he wasn't used to hitting 120 at the end of the s's before the back straight, and hit the bus stop a little faster than expected...
but no big deal, lots of room to late brake and recover still on track.
The leather seats clean up nice, too (second grin).
I think in about a dozen days I did about 2600 miles, and spent a good part of five of those days on track.  Fun.  Who's going to NHIS in September?

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