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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
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I believe and am thankful that my 200Q-20V PO was correct in refusing to
accept the Audi G60 downgrade.  Rather, he insisted that the dealer make the
UFOs right, which after several tries, they did.  Great brakes at 150K.


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>> Slow learner?
> I don't think so.  I bought the car which had already had the G60 conversion
> done, which, BTW, was done when customers complained about UFO's warping,
> gratis per Audi by dealerships all over the country within the warranty
> period.  I don't think it was a mistake for the 200q20v, but I do wonder
> about the V8's and UrS4's.
> Bernie, if you look at my website, you'll see I use big reds with Coleman
> Rotors and they stop my 200q20v more than adequately.  Hey, if the UFO's work
> OK, then fine.  I think we were talking repeated stops and hard usage with
> G60's here.  I wouldn't dream of running the G60's on the track :-)
> Ingo
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>>> I have some first hand experience with G-60's on my v8q, ahem...which due
>> to
>>> either the inability of the g60's to stop the car in addition to my claim
>> of
>>> Master cylinder failure resulted in the demise (as far as the Insurance
>> Co.
>>> was concerned) of my beloved V8  2 1/2 years ago.  Hadn't picked up new
>>> summer tires yet.
>>> I also run the G60's on my 91 200q20v, albeit only during the winter
>> months
>>> AND with cross-drilled rotors (heat issue).  The 200q20v is 300 lbs
>> lighter
>>> than the v8 was, which means its also lighter than your typical s4/s6.
>>> -Ingo
>>> '91 200q20v with a few mods...
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