[200q20v] Bose Radio

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Dec 2 23:29:42 EST 2001

If it is a single click/pop, that's possibly the A/C clutch.  Switch
to ECON on the climate control to see if it continues.

If it sounds like a sumo wrestler is sliding down the back window
sideways, or you've got a nightclub in the trunk, then its the rear
speaker amps.  Unplug both rear speakers and do not plug them back in
until the recall is performed.

Speaking of which, we still haven't heard anything further from Audi.
I sure hope they haven't conveniently forgotten about us.  I know
a)Audi client relations has my address and VIN number, and b)I have
yet to get anything in the mail.


At 5:20 PM -0600 12/2/01, Tim Sidders wrote:
>Hi all
>I have a 91 200 20v and with the factory bose radio...it started popping all
>of the time....loud!! I'll be driving along and listening to the radio and
>all of a sudden POP! Is this the radio, speakers or amp going bad. Please
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